fr_2449 fr_2445 fr_2447 fr_2448June 16th, two consecutive readings in studio 39 at Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China

THE WALLED IN ONES in Shanghai was part of my open studio at the end of the 6-month artist residency at the SAPH and the first performative reading of the play in English (translation by Angela Rodel) with three freelance actors currently living in Shanghai and working with different local theatre companies: Aaron Garcia, Awesta Zarif and Björn Dahlman.

Björn Dahlman is an actor, director, playwright and clown. He runs his own theatre company Bananteatern in his hometown Uppsala, Sweden. He holds an MFA in acting from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, has participated in theatre productions and films in Sweden, toured in India with Clowns without borders and performed in the international project Re-Orientations that had a two weeks run at Shanghai Dramatic Art Centre in 2010. As a director he focuses on international collaborations. His play Ragulabuggla, in collaboration with Indian artist Rupesh Tillu, has won awards in Fringe Festivals in Stockholm and Prague and has been listed Best of Fringe/Special selection in Amsterdam and Rome, and has been touring India and USA in collaboration with UNESCO Center for peace. He is currently studying Chinese at Shanghai Theatre Academy, translating his solo performance Frankenstein into Chinese and directing the children´s play A night in February (一个二月的夜晚) with Shanghai based E Theatre.

Originally from Afghanistan, Awesta grew up San Diego, CA and studied theatre arts at Boston University. She has somehow ended up in Shanghai where she’s been working as an actress and drama teacher. Awesta is stoked to be a part of this reading and hopes everyone can appreciate the mystery of this play as much as she does! XOXO

Aaron Garcia is an actor here in Shanghai from the US. He has been in Shanghai for about a year. When not rushing off to some rehearsal for something or other you can find him traipsing the streets of Shanghai looking for the ultimate dumpling place. Previous shows in Shanghai include “Self: A smart Phone Experience”, Charlie and the chocolate factory, “Almost, Maine”, and “Rock ON! Halloween”