Rehearsal for the Present


silent march and online discussion

a collaboration with HK artist Ip Wai Lung, developed in the frame of ADAM artist lab supported by Taipei Performing Arts Center and Taipei Arts Festival

Date: Aug 18

Time: 11:00

Meeting point: NTU Main Library

End of silent march: Gongguan underpass

Dress code: black

Please download Telegram, if you don’t have it on your smart phone


Some possible questions to address:

What is a community in the context of protest movements?

To what extent it is self-described and to what extent it is an imposed description?

Does visibility empower us or make us more vulnerable?

What’s the power in being unmarked?

How can artists be information brokers between echo chambers?
How networked discontent creates leaderless movements?

How to swap the traditional positions of strategy and tactics between leaders and crowds?
How to subvert social media platforms from mode of control into tools of emancipation?

How to make visible different types of non-physical violence?

What can bodies and movement do in public space and what’s the role of artists?


NUTRICULA in Taipei Open Call

||藝術家作品演員/舞者徵求 ||++Nutricula in Taipei Call for Performer, Actor / Actress, Dancer++

【Please scroll down for English version】

保加利亞籍藝術家亞森.瓦西列夫(Yasen Vasilev)正在尋找演員、舞者或表演者共同創作《NUTRICULA-台北版》,無相關經驗可。有興趣的表演者可以參與為期三天的工作坊,了解合作模式及創作理念,接著在兩週的排練中,進一步發展出屬於自己的版本。

1. 將身體部位視為無關功能性的獨立物件
2. 挑戰不同身體部位的極限

《NUTRICULA》(中譯:燈塔水母)為保加利亞籍藝術家亞森.瓦西列夫(Yasen Vasilev)持續進行之創作計畫,希望邀請不同領域的表演者共同發展單人身體表演。表演者透過肢體語言展現全球化與在地性之間的緊張關係,促使瓦西列夫不斷重製此作。在既定的規則下,表演者的社會政治背景以及個人經歷都會影響對於作品的詮釋以及運用空間的方式。


● 徵求/演員、舞者或表演者
● 工作坊/8.23(五)- 8.25(日) 14:00-18:00
● 排練日期/9.2(一)- 9.20(五) 時間待定,參與排練將支付費用
● 演出日期/9.21(六) 於寶藏巖國際藝術村 Treasure Hill Artist Village演出 (視排練情況,時間待定)
● 報名/請有興趣的參與者將簡短的英文自我介紹一併寄至 和,我們將於8.19(一)以前以email與您聯繫
● 所有工作坊及排練演出地點若無另外安排,皆在寶藏巖國際藝術村
● 參與者需要能以英文進行基本溝通,但工作坊以肢體動作為主,語言不是問題!
● 藝術家簡介/
● 參考影片(以往作品)/
與迦納籍表演藝術家 Kwame Boafo 共同創作
● 更多資訊/…/how-to-develop-an-art-practice-in-tim…


NUTRICULA is a growing archive which invites performers from different backgrounds to activate a structure for a physical solo.

The work intends to bring performers to a specific state-of-mind by inviting them to follow simple rules – 1. explore the different body parts as objects separate from their function 2. test their limits.

Initially, a collaboration with Kwame Boafo, a Ghanaian performance artist, the collaboration faced obstacles because of visa and passport issues in both China and the EU. More here/

The continuation of the work with various performers in different contexts is to a large extent a reaction to the political and economic conditions artists face today. More here/…/how-to-develop-an-art-practice-in-ti…/

What interests me in the re-production of this work is the tension between global and local within the performer’s body, the way the socio-political background and the biography are informing the work and the way the performer claims space within the strict concept.

The resulting archive is a rejection of the capitalist imperative of constant production of new material instead replaced by recycling of the same form in a variety of versions, shaped by the identity of each collaborator.

In the process we are uncovering how a global economic system shapes the way we live, produce and reproduce and how we react to it on a local level, limited by our own bodies.

I am looking for both professional and non-professional actors, dancers and performers interested to go through a 3-day introduction workshop of the working method and potentially make their own versions of the work in two full weeks of rehearsal.

The full rehearsals will be remunerated but the piece does not intend to reach “a production”.

For more info or further questions visit/ or contact us at &


Baopuzi reading group


||《抱朴子》讀書會 ||
++Baopuzi Reading Group++

【Please scroll down for English version】

● 時間 Time/
①8.5 (Mon.) 15:00-17:00 台北國際藝術村 Taipei Artist Village,幽竹廳 Bamboo Room
②8.19 (Mon.) 14:00-16:00(地點將另行通知)
③ 九月場次待訂 Maybe more in September!
● 備註 Note/此讀書會將以中文及英文進行 Working languages Mandarin and English
● 更多資訊 More Info/




Baopuzi is an Ancient Chinese Alchemical text, separated in two parts – Inner (dealing with immortality and alchemy; consisting of 20 chapters or “scrolls”) and Outer (dealing with politics and society, consisting of 52 chapters or “scrolls”).

Initiated by the artist in residence playwright Yasen Vasilev we are setting up a study group to read and discuss the text on the following dates

NUTRICULA в София: 02/07, 19:00, Сфумато




02.07.2018, 19:00 – голяма зала на ТР Сфумато


Концепция за солов физически пърформанс

Автор Ясен Василев

Изпълнява Джугас Кунсманас (Литва)

NUTRICULA е концепция за солов физически пърформанс на драматурга Ясен Василев в сътрудничество с поредица от изпълнители, всеки от които променя структурата на работата на база на своите биография и социално-политически контекст. Поредицата от версии наблюдава как една глобална система регулира начините, по които живеем, произвеждаме и се възпроизвеждаме и как й отговаряме на локално ниво, ограничени от собствените си тела. Концепцията подлага изпълнителя на интензивно физическо натоварване, което се стреми да изпита и преосмисли границите и функциите на частите на тялото.

NUTRICULA е създаден с подкрепата на Minsheng Museum и Шанхайската театрална академия в Китай, Аtalaia Artes Performativas в Португалия, Arts Printing House в Литва и The Blank Contemporary Art в Италия.

В селекцията на фестивала OUT NOW 2017 в Бремен, Германия и в шортлиста на Arte Laguna Prize 2018 във Венеция, Италия в категория пърформанс.

Джугас Кунсманас(1994) е актьор, танцьор и изпълнител от Каунас, Литва. Завършва Vytautas Magnus Univerity в Каунас и специализира в цирковото училище Flic в Торино. Част от театралната компания Teatronas.


02.07.2018, 19:00 – Big Hall / Sfumato


А concept of solo physical performance

Author Yasen Vasilev

PerformerDziugas Kunsmanas (Lithuania)

NUTRICULA is a concept of solo physical performance by playwright Yasen Vasilev in collaboration with a series of performers, each of them changing the structure of the work based on his biography and socio-political context. The series of versions monitors how a global system regulates the ways in which we live, produce and reproduce and how we respond to it locally, limited by our own bodies. The concept subjects the performer to an intense physical effort that aims to test and reconsider the limits and functions of body parts.

NUTRICULA was created with the support of Minsheng Museum and Shanghai Theatrical Academy in China, Attalia Artes Performativas in Portugal, Arts Printing House in Lithuania and The Blank Contemporary Art in Italy.

In the selection of the OUT NOW 2017 Festival in Bremen, Germany and in the shorts of the Arte Laguna Prize 2018 in Venice, Italy, in performance category.

Dziugas Kunsmanas(1994) is an actor, dancer and performer from Kaunas, Lithuania. He graduated from the Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas and specializes in the Flic circus school in Turin. Part of the theatre company Teatronas.


Yasen Vasilev’s third text for theater, Elevation 506, will make its debut in its German translation in Vienna at Theatre Drachengasse on February 16th 2015.


Elevation 506 is a contemporary documentary theatre play inspired by the life and murder of Bulgaria’s first expressionist poet Geo Milev. The play is a collage of memories, documents, archives, letters and recordings that follow the life of the poet who lost his eye while at the front during the First world war (at elevation 506 near the lake of Doyran) and was later prosecuted, kidnapped and killed under the so-called Law on the Protection of the State because of his notorious revolutionary and anti-establishment poem “September” – a chronicle of the September uprising of 1923 which was brutally smashed by the government. His body was found many years later in a mass grave near Sofia with around 50 other skeletons and only recognized because of the glass eye.

The text is built around the dramatic contrast of three voices – the voice of the poet, the choir of his close ones (mother, father, wife, daughter, sister, fellow poets, colleagues and friends) and the voice of the government (through official documents, statements and conclusions). Deciding to combine the voices of the relatives in a choir is reference to Ancient Greek tragedy which was also a recurrent motif in his own poetic work.

A poet, a theatre director, a translator, an editor and a theoretician, he is one of the most important figures in Bulgarian culture but is neither widely recognized abroad nor well-known in his own country, being a victim of easy political labels and mass misunderstanding of his work and message. 2015 marks 120 years of his birth and 90 of his brutal murder. With far-right parties again winning the vote in Europe and across the globe, it is memory and understanding of the past that has to protect us from repeating the same mistakes.

Staged reading of the play: February 16th 2015, starting at 8 PM
Address: Theatre Drachengasse (1010 Vienna, Fleischmarkt 22)
Director: Sandra Schüddekopf
With: Roman Blumenschein, Katrin Grumeth, Petra Strasser, Florian Tröbinger


Borgestriptych premiered as half-live performance, half-video installation on Halloween night 2014. The piece is devised so that the six scenes of the play fit the six floors of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, starting from lobby and finishing up on the rooftop. On the night of Oct31, as part of the 3-year anniversary celebration of the residency and the opening of the Faces&Traces exhibition, five scenes of the piece were screened on five different floors and the 6th scene was continuously performed live throughout the night on floor R in The Good Fortune Suite. Then on Nov 1st the full live performance had its first two full runs as a site-specific immersive theatre piece with the audience moving along with the actors from lobby to rooftop. The team involved theatre professional from Bulgaria, China, USA, UK, Ghana, Afghanistan, France and Germany. It will be on in Shanghai again in 2015.OW9A0220IMG_6116 IMG_6068 photo Aaron and Tyrone Tyrone Jerome Philipp