Baopuzi reading group


||《抱朴子》讀書會 ||
++Baopuzi Reading Group++

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● 時間 Time/
①8.5 (Mon.) 15:00-17:00 台北國際藝術村 Taipei Artist Village,幽竹廳 Bamboo Room
②8.19 (Mon.) 14:00-16:00(地點將另行通知)
③ 九月場次待訂 Maybe more in September!
● 備註 Note/此讀書會將以中文及英文進行 Working languages Mandarin and English
● 更多資訊 More Info/




Baopuzi is an Ancient Chinese Alchemical text, separated in two parts – Inner (dealing with immortality and alchemy; consisting of 20 chapters or “scrolls”) and Outer (dealing with politics and society, consisting of 52 chapters or “scrolls”).

Initiated by the artist in residence playwright Yasen Vasilev we are setting up a study group to read and discuss the text on the following dates


Borgestriptych premiered as half-live performance, half-video installation on Halloween night 2014. The piece is devised so that the six scenes of the play fit the six floors of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, starting from lobby and finishing up on the rooftop. On the night of Oct31, as part of the 3-year anniversary celebration of the residency and the opening of the Faces&Traces exhibition, five scenes of the piece were screened on five different floors and the 6th scene was continuously performed live throughout the night on floor R in The Good Fortune Suite. Then on Nov 1st the full live performance had its first two full runs as a site-specific immersive theatre piece with the audience moving along with the actors from lobby to rooftop. The team involved theatre professional from Bulgaria, China, USA, UK, Ghana, Afghanistan, France and Germany. It will be on in Shanghai again in 2015.OW9A0220IMG_6116 IMG_6068 photo Aaron and Tyrone Tyrone Jerome Philipp