Rehearsal for the Present


silent march and online discussion

a collaboration with HK artist Ip Wai Lung, developed in the frame of ADAM artist lab supported by Taipei Performing Arts Center and Taipei Arts Festival

Date: Aug 18

Time: 11:00

Meeting point: NTU Main Library

End of silent march: Gongguan underpass

Dress code: black

Please download Telegram, if you don’t have it on your smart phone


Some possible questions to address:

What is a community in the context of protest movements?

To what extent it is self-described and to what extent it is an imposed description?

Does visibility empower us or make us more vulnerable?

What’s the power in being unmarked?

How can artists be information brokers between echo chambers?
How networked discontent creates leaderless movements?

How to swap the traditional positions of strategy and tactics between leaders and crowds?
How to subvert social media platforms from mode of control into tools of emancipation?

How to make visible different types of non-physical violence?

What can bodies and movement do in public space and what’s the role of artists?