Educated in the theatre academies of Sofia and Shanghai, I started my practice with two poetry collections transformed into live spoken-word shows, followed by five theatre plays. Since 2014 I’ve been working on NUTRICULA, a physical performance research which represents a growing archive of solo works interpreted by performers from different backgrounds and produced and presented in various locations around the world: Shanghai, Vilnius, Lisbon.



2014-2016, MA in Intercultural Communication, Shanghai Theatre Academy (thesis: Political aspects of dance)

2008-2013, BA in Dramaturgy and Scriptwriting, National Academy for Theater and Film Art, Sofia, Bulgaria


    Festival Quartieri dell’arte, Viterbo, Vitorchiano (IT), 20-21/10/17, commission
  • 2016-2017, ISHMAEL
    Maria Casarès, Alloue (FR), 31/05/17
    Nau Ivanow, PIIGS, Grec festival, Barcelona (ES), 21-23/07/16, commission
  • 2015-2018, NUTRICULA
    Artrooms Art Fair, Roma (IT), 2-4/3/18, screening
    The Blank Contemporary Art Space Bergamo (IT), 18/11/17, screening
    Atelier Teatro Fisico, Torino (IT), 12/11/17, live
    Rokiskis festival (LT), 23/09/17, live
    Chalewote Street Arts Festival, Accra (GH), 18/08/17, screening
    OUTNOW festival Bremen (DE), 03-04/06/17, screening
    Shelter, Kaunas (LT), 05/05/17, live
    Arts Printing House, Vilnius (LT), 24/11/16, live
    Atalaia Artes Performativas, Cine Teatro, Ourique (PT), 08/10/16, live
    Ignição Gerador, Palácio do Machadinho, Lisbon (PT), 24/09/16, live
    Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai (CN), 24-25/07/15, live
  • 2015-2018, ELEVATION 506
    Bulgarian National Radio, Sofia (BG), 02/18
    Drama League, NYC (US), 12-13/07/16
    Shumen theatre festival (BG), 13/05/16
    Shanghai Theatre Academy (CN), 15/04/15
    Red House Sofia (BG), 09/04/15
    Theater Drachengasse, Vienna (AT), 16/02/15
  • 2014-2016, BORGESTRIPTYCH
    DNK Sofia (BG), 5-6/11/16
    Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai (CN), 31/10/14 – 1/11/14, commission
  • 2012-2014, THE WALLED IN ONES
    Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai (CN), 16/06/14
    Nikolay Binev Theatre Sofia (BG), 08/10/12 – 12/13, repertoire piece


  • 2017, BORGESTRIPTYCH, a play in Homo Ludens theatre magazine (BG)
  • 2016, ISHMAEL, a play published by PIIGS dramaturgy of the crisis, Barcelona (ES)
  • 2015, RAISED BY WOLVES, a poem in Vision magazine, Beijing (CN)
  • 2014, THE WALLED IN ONES, a play in Asymptote journal, Taipei (TW)
  • 2014, FISHEYE, a poem in Cha: Asian literary journal (HK)
  • 2014, MACARONIC MELANCHOLY, a poem in Cadaverine (UK)
  • 2014, THE CATHEDRAL OF THE BODY, THE BODY OF THE SHADOW, handwritten, single copy, Swatch Collection, Shanghai (CN)
  • 2011, ANDROGYN, poetry collection, Pergament Publishing House, Sofia (BG)
  • 2009, THE INFINITY, poetry collection, Hermes Publishing House, Plovdiv (BG)

2014, YEZZEN, spoken word/noise, Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai (CN)
2013, From A to
ЯR, spoken word tour in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna (BG)
2011/2012, 4×4, spoken-word tour in 6 cities between Sept 2011 and Sept 2012 (BG)
2010, BREAD AND CIRCUSES, spoken word, Sfumato theatre, Sofia (BG)
2010, UNDER THE SUPPER’S KNIFE, spoken word, Sfumato theatre, Sofia (BG)
2009, DIRTIFY/WARX, spoken word, Sfumato theatre, Sofia (BG)

2014, LIGHTHOUSE WOMAN, short fiction, dir. Ana Kitanova, four international film festivals and two nominations (BG)
2011, THE SILENCE, short fiction, dir. Ana Kitanova, student film
2010, THE PILLOW, short fiction, dir. Ana Kitanova, student film
2009, AJABEZ, short documentary, dir. Ana Kitanova, student film


2017, I am going to tell you a story, a performance based on short stories written by children, Red House, Sofia (BG)


2017/11, The Blank Residency, Bergamo (IT) for the development of NUTRICULA
2017/05, Maison Maria Casares, Alloue (FR) writing residency part of Odyssee artist-in-residency program of ACCR
2016/10, Arts Printing House Vilnius (LT) for the development of NUTRICULA
2016/08-09, Atalaia Artes Performativas, Ourique (PT), for the development of NUTRICULA
2016/06-07, The Drama League of New York, NYC (US), for the development of ELEVATION 506
2015/01-02, KulturKontakt and the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Vienna (AT)
2014/01-06, Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai (CN)


2017/04, SpringBack Academy at Aerowaves, critical writing, mentor: Donald Hutera, Aаrhus (DK)
2016/08, Biennale Teatro workshop with British playwright Mark Ravenhill, Venice (IT)
2015/10, Choreographic workshop with Ariella Vidach at Did Studio, Milan (IT)
2015/08, Zhang Xian, Gender, Body, Image; Ray Art Center, Shanghai (CN)
2015/05, Wen Hui and the Living Dance Studio, Imagination of the body, NYU Shanghai (CN)
2015/05, Montage theory, Prof Egill Palsson, Ernst Busch academy Berlin, Nordic directors at STA (CN)
2015/04, Page to Stage, Elizabeth Kostova Foundation, Sofia (BG)
2014/10, Nick Barter, RADA London, introduction to acting training workshop (CN)
2013/12, Viewpoints method, American corner, Sofia (BG)


2017/11, Nutricula workshop with the performance course at Accademia Carrara, Bergamo (IT)
2015/08, Himalaya Museum outreach and education program, non-representational movement workshop, Shanghai (CN)
2013/06, Fun City youth festival, creative writing workshop, Varna (BG)
2010-2011/07, The Bridge youth festival, creative writing workshops, Vidin (BG)


2017, NUTRICULA shortlisted for the BLOOOM award by Warstainer (DE)
2017, Ivan Radoev theatre, Pleven, nomination and award for THE WOMAN OF THE LIGHTHOUSE (BG)
2017, New Bulgarian drama competition in Shumen, nomination for THE WOMAN OF THE LIGHTHOUSE (BG)
2017, EU Collective Plays Playwriting Competition, Italy, shortlisted with ISHMAEL (IT)
2017, selected poem at the Castello di Duino international poetry festival, Italy, GENDERLESS (IT)
2016, PIIGS Festival of dramaturgy on the crisis in Barcelona, Spain, selected with the play ISHMAEL (ES)
2016, New Bulgarian drama competition in Shumen, nomination for ELEVATION 506 (BG)
2016, Blue Elephant theatre playwriting competition, London, shortlisted for THE WOMAN OF THE LIGHTHOUSE (UK)
2016, selection by the Bulgarian committee of Eurodram 2016 of BORGESTRIPTYCH (BG)
2013, nominated for the Askeer theatre award in the Play of the Year category for THE WALLED IN ONES (BG)
2013, selected poem at the Castello di Duino international poetry festival, Italy, THE MECHANICAL HEAD (IT)
2012, SEE Cinema network grant for a short movie project LIGHTHOUSE WOMAN (GR)
2012, Book of the Year award from the University of Shumen, Bulgaria for ANDROGYNE (BG)
2010, Foundation St Kliment Ohridski first award for the short story IMMACULATELY CONCEIVED OEDIPUS (BG)
2010, Award of the Audience at the Sofia:Poetics international festival for MACARONIC MELANCHOLY (BG)
2009, Hermes Publishing Best debut manuscript award for poetry collection THE INFINITY (BG)

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  1. Забелижителна биография…. Бих завидяла… Таланта си е талант… Пожелавам – попътния вятър, който те е поел, никога да не те пуска!!!

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